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Organics offer more options
Nursery Management and Production
by S. Wainwright-Evans, 2005

Perspectives on the use of commercial mycorrhizae products in nursery production
Crop Health Advising & Research, Kelowa (BC)
by M. Lanthier, 2003

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Extract: Are you willing to try new products?
Québec Vert
by J.-P. Dubois, 2008

Mycorrhizae and sod: From production to landscaping
Québec Vert
by A. Carignan, C. Martineau et L.O'Donoughue

The benefits of mycorrhizal fungi on grass
Premier Tech ltd
by D. Le Quéré, 2008

Mycorrhizal inoculants for healthy and luxurious turf!
Québec Vert
by S. Parent, and D. LeQuéré, 2006

Mycorrhizal fungi benefit putting greens
USGA Green Section Record
by R. Koske, J. N. Gemma and N. Jackson, 1995

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Blue-green algae and phosphorus
Premier Tech ltd
S. Gagné and H. MCNicoll

Good Management Keeps Soil Healthy
The Western Producer
by B. Duckworth, 2010

Mycorrhizae can unlock plants' potential - Organic Matters
by B. Frick, PhD, 2004

Nature's planting tool
Greenhouse Grower
by M. Amaranthus and J. Hunt, 2005

Put mycorrhizae to use
Nursery Management and Production
C. Scagel and R. Linderman

Symbiotic secrets in the soil; Why plants feed fungi
Plant Talk
by S. Hart, 2009

Mycorrhizal fungi, nature's key to plant survival and success
Pacific Horticulture
C. Todd, 2004

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